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Slytherin Princess

"Love in idleness"

Pansy Parkinson
13 July
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Background: Pansy Elizabeth Parkinson was born in Parkinson Estate, Cardiff, Wales into the upper-class family of her father Adair Parkinson III and her mother Anastasia Wilkes-Parkinson . Raised in a home that shamelessly promoted wealth, power, and the purity of blood, Pansy grew up with a good idea of her role in wizarding society and the kind of woman she was destined to become. She knew what her parents wanted from their only daughter and she rarely failed to meet those great expectations. Since the earliest of ages, the heiress grew up knowing that her purpose in life was the marry the pureblood of her parent's choosing and provide at least one male heir to that family. She is the only daughter of her family, and the youngest but has an older brother who is a curse breaker for Gringotts.
Pansy is now in her sixth year of school, an honorary Prefect and the ringleader of a gang of girls whose forte is spreading malicious rumors.S he grew into her role and become a cold-hearted, cruel girl who secretly had no self confidence. Over the years at Hogwarts Pansy always struggled with accepting her looks and personality. Because of this, Pansy surrounded herself with a hard shell few ever got past.
Appearance: Pansy has dark wavy brown hair, that varies in shades and falls just a few inches below her shoulders. She inherited the Parkinson dull blue eyes and due to a rigorous work out schedule set in place by Anastasia, Pansy maintains a slender and delicate frame. When not in her Hogwarts Attire, Pansy finds herself in only the highest fashion, walking with the poise and dignity of the Queen herself. She has a rather gangly height of 5'7" and weighs in at about 118 lbs.
Personality/Traits: Pansy is the very core of a Slytherin Princess. Growing up spoiled rotten, she only has the best and flaunts what she has every chance available. She is very selfish and rarely cares about anyone other than herself. Upon a first impression, Pansy is seen as a cold hearted bitch who enjoys to ruin the lives of others for her own twisted amusement. With a sharp tongue and short temper, this is partly true. Her biggest fear is that her peers will realize how insecure she actually is and reject her for it. To mask this, Pansy has become a tremendous flirt. She has a strong interest in boys, and is not above using sexual favors to get what she wants. Because of this, Pansy has gotten a reputation as a "slut" around Hogwarts.
Hogwarts Facts:
House: Slytherin
Wand: Ebony, 11", Veela hair
Year: 6th
Favorite subjects: Astronomy, Potions, History of Magic
Most hated subject: Care of Magical Creatures

This is a Roleplay Journal for toujoursxpur. I by no means think I am Pansy Parkinson. Harry Potter is (c) JKR. The images of "Pansy" are of the gorgeous Adriana Lima and I'm pretty sure she owns herself.
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Further information on Pansy can be summed up by SeaIsleWitch's lovely list on Canon!Draco/Pansy. Found here.