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Slytherin Princess [entries|friends|calendar]
Pansy Parkinson

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"What's the time
Well it's gotta be close to midnight
My body's talking to me
It says "Time for danger"

It says "I wanna commit a crime
Wanna be the cause of a fight
Wanna put on my tight skirt and flirt
With a stranger"

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February 26th, 2006
[ mood | drained ]

I've argued with Draco for the first time since....I don't know when. And frankly, I feel awful for letting my temper get the best of me. I have a horrible tongue, father says I'm going to get myself killed over it one of these days. Oh well. what can you do. But Draco, I feel horrid for being so nasty to you. I'm really very sorry.

As for everything else he said....I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. I got no sleep at all last night. None. Which is possibley why I practically fell asleep in transfiguration this morning. But I think..I think I made a decision. I've talked to my parents, and it was hard. Very hard to do, but I..I know where I stand whats expected of me. I can only regret that I will neer have as much freedom as I'd like.

[private to Slytherins only.] Its official. The day after my parents sucessfully marry me off to whatever pureblood bloke catches their fancy, I'm scheduled to recieve the Dark Mark with his consent. So, its obvious I'll be a Death Eater before I hit nineteen. [/private]

I hope Draco's happy now. I sacraficed that all for him. I never wanted to spend my life serving You-know-who, but I now will have to. That or die. Well Pans, you're a Parkinson. Get over it. [/private]

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Friends ONLY ♥ [Saturday
February 11th, 2006
[ mood | Protective ]

And even those people don't deserve it.
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